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Module middleware

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dict subclass that prevents its members from being rendered during print
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This function returns a generator that behaves exactly the same as the original.
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match_classification(iface, plugins, classification) source code
make_test_middleware(app, global_conf)
Functionally equivalent to
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verify(plugin, iface) source code
make_registries(identifiers, authenticators, challengers, mdproviders) source code
Variables [hide private]
  _STARTED = '-- repoze.who request started (%s) --'
  _ENDED = '-- repoze.who request ended (%s) --'
  __package__ = 'repoze.who'
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This function returns a generator that behaves exactly the same as the original. It's only difference is it pulls the first iteration off and caches it to trigger any immediate side effects (in a WSGI world, this ensures start_response is called).

make_test_middleware(app, global_conf)

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Functionally equivalent to

[plugin:form] use = repoze.who.plugins.form.FormPlugin rememberer_name = cookie login_form_qs=__do_login

[plugin:cookie] use = repoze.who.plugins.cookie:InsecureCookiePlugin cookie_name = oatmeal

[plugin:basicauth] use = repoze.who.plugins.basicauth.BasicAuthPlugin realm = repoze.who

[plugin:htpasswd] use = repoze.who.plugins.htpasswd.HTPasswdPlugin filename = <...> check_fn = repoze.who.plugins.htpasswd:crypt_check

[general] request_classifier = repoze.who.classifiers:default_request_classifier challenge_decider = repoze.who.classifiers:default_challenge_decider

[identifiers] plugins = form:browser cookie basicauth

[authenticators] plugins = htpasswd

[challengers] plugins = form:browser basicauth